William Hill Jobs For The Girls

William Hill Jobs For The Girls
English: William Hill – near Bus Station (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just as I was preparing a lengthy blog post about the lack of women in top jobs in the UK, I find myself stopped in my tracks. News reached me yesterday that one of my oldest friends, Kate H, has recently landed a senior executive job with William Hill Plc.

Therefore I’m forced to reconsider my thoughts and write an entirely different piece. It would seem that the William Hill equal opportunities policy is actually worth the paper it’s written on. So well done to them, well done to the betting industry in general, and especially well done Kate!

I’ll give yo a little of her background without giving away any personal information. She has actually been involved in the betting industry for several years, starting on the shop floor in a Betfred high street shop in south London. Having taken the decision to transfer when a shop manager’s position became available at William Hill, she worked hard (as women are forced to do to get noticed) and due to the strong performance of her branch, was promoted to area manager within a year.

I has intended to write about what a battle women face to get recognised for their performance and thus to be considered for senior roles, however that does not seem to be Kate’s experience at William Hill. Quite the opposite in fact, as she has quickly risen through the ranks while her male colleagues, who in her opinion were less hard working, were left behind.

She will now be in charge of marketing strategy, which incorporates new customer acquisition and customer retention. Her team will devise the various William Hill betting offers, free bets, signup bonuses and other promotions. You can keep track of them here. These offers are a vital part of William Hill’s strategy to gain a majority share in the online betting market.

The moral then is that perhaps I had been too hasty with my opinions, and times may finally be changing. Of course we need more women like Kate to ensure that we get a lasting equality. I hope her story motivates others to succeed as she has. Work hard and it really can happen.