Gold Earrings For Women – Choosing The Perfect Pair

One thing that is not likely to change is the fact that women love gold earrings. Although trends and styles may change, some remain the same, especially with gold earrings.

If you, or another person, is searching for a bargain on earrings, you can more than likely find one without looking too hard. The purpose of this article is to help you locate this perfect pair of gold earrings.

If you really want to buy a pair of gold earrings that you will absolutely adore, you need to make sure what kind of gold you are actually purchasing. It really depends on the jewelry value, and also its overall appearance. Before you get it, you need to know if it is gold jewelry, or just gold-plated – there is a huge difference. Once you know what you’re paying for, especially in regard to gold plated jewelry, it’s okay to wear this for the cost. In searching for real solid gold jewelry, always look at 14K or 18K. You want 24K gold jewelry if you want pure stuff. This gold is so soft that most people do not use it for jewelry at all. You have to consider market value of gold when looking at the prices of gold earrings. It has a lot to do with what you pay. Keep your hairstyle in mind, however, when you choose your gold earrings. Notice when
you are in a crowd how different the same type of earrings look on a woman with long hair compared to a woman whose hair is short. The color of your hair comes into play as well. If you have blond hair and want a nice contrast in your earrings – so they will show up – choose white gold over yellow gold. Some women who have long hair look great with large hoops or dangling earrings, but as a general rule of thumb, these types of earrings look best on a woman with short hair. Smaller hoops or studs, that remain closer to your face, are more visible and attractive on a woman who has medium length or long hair. There are no hard and fast rules, though, and you have to find the look that pleases you.

The most stylish earrings right now, if you want to appear up-to-the-minute, are the gold dangle drop earrings. Whether you prefer your earrings to be long or short, you will find gold dangle drops in various lengths, as well as numerous designs. Some are set with gemstones, and these can make the earrings even more glamorous. If making a fashion statement is your goal, don’t hesitate to buy a pair of chandelier earrings. The more different colored gemstones they have, the bolder they speak. Sometimes chandelier gold earrings with multiple gemstones can be very expensive, but you can find many beautiful pairs that are easier on your budget. You can also find dangle earrings that are more traditional and subdued. Dangle earrings can be simple or elaborate, and there are styles to suit every possible taste.

Using our strategies for finding gold earrings for women, you should be able to find the perfect pair for you or your loved one. You simply need to use the Internet, or go to the local mall, to find earrings you really need. Throughout history, gold earrings have been very popular. You can find any style, from traditional to new ones. Try some out this week!