Why Women Perform Better At Betting

Spread betting has traditionally been seen as a male dominated pastime, but times are changing. In fact, studies have shown that women actually perform better at spread betting on both sports and financial bets than men.

There are several possible reasons for this, some of which are explored in this video. What might surprise you is that the same factors mean that women are better and more profitable sports bettors as well.

The Data

A study commissioned by the sports betting website sportsbetpromotions.com compared large samples of player data from leading online bookmakers William Hill and Ladbrokes. Ignoring age, background and all other demographics, the survey simply compared male and female players in terms of betting patterns and overall account profit or loss.

The results showed that female players placed far fewer bets than their male counterparts overall, but that their success rate was 62% compared to 57% for male punters. What’s more, 23% of female accounts made an overall profit, compared to just 14% of male betting accounts.


Although there may be numerous reasons to explain the data, the opinion of the Sports Bet Promotions researcher was that female bettors were less impulsive and spent more time researching their betting selections than males. They were less likely to react angrily to a losing bet, and attempt to chase losses by placing further bets on the same day after a losing bet was settled.

It’s interesting to note how a typically more reserved approach can make such a difference to the bottom line. Women should certainly not be intimidated or reluctant to get involved in traditionally male dominated pursuits such as sports betting, especially when the facts show they are far more likely to be successful at it.

How To Be Successful

There are many Americans who wish to better themselves. Some people are looking for improvement in their personal lives, while others have their focus on the professional aspect of their life. The piece that follows includes several useful ideas for those wishing to pursue greater personal development.

Do you consume too much alcohol? Are there other such vices harming your body such as smoking or recreational drug use? Mistreating your body will lead to illness, premature aging and an early death. Eliminating bad habits is important if you wish to improve your life. Analyze your life and habits, and make a point to cut out any habits that are not good for you or your body.

Therapy might be the solution for people who have serious issues. Sometimes it takes a professional, outside perspective to identify the real source of a problem and this cannot be found in self-help books. There are many times when talking with another person about a stressful situation is the most effective route to relaxation. Reading even the best self-help book cannot start up a back-and-forth dialog, the way a therapy session can.

Sometimes a little risk could equal great happiness for you. Many do not want to risk feeling like a failure, or feeling rejected, so they are often stuck in comfort zone that leaves them feeling unfulfilled. Taking risks can lead you to the things you want out of life, which will bring you the most happiness.

Get together with others that share your point of view. This will help to boost your self-esteem as well as give you a bit of a break from the kind of people that spend their time badmouthing your dreams and goals every chance that they get.

An excellent tip for personal development is to treat your body well. Listen to your body’s cues. If it tells you that it needs food, water or rest, LISTEN. Your body will be healthier and happier if you listen and follow these guidelines. Ignore what your body tells you at your own peril. If you let it down over and over again, it may get its revenge by letting you down.

Pinpoint your personal values when you are crafting a personal development plan. It wouldn’t make sense to work on areas in your life that contradict your values. Spend your energy and time on those areas that you want to better and that mesh well with your values. Your own life is the only thing that you can ultimately have full control of, so back yourself to succeed whatever the odds you face. Positive changes that you make in your life are more likely to stay with you if they coincide with your value system.

Instead of boasting about trophies, awards, and medals, try asking others about their achievements. This gives you an opportunity to find out the talents and achievements of the people around you, and it might help you gain more respect for others as you learn more about their character.

Even when you’re unhappy with your life, it can be hard to find the motivation to change. There are good insights in this article that can assist you in getting started, but do keep in mind that your dedicated effort is still required. You’ll discover ways to keep your motivation and drive from waning by referring back to these suggestions periodically.