About the Authors

Kristin Aune

Kristin Aune

Kristin Aune is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Derby, where she teaches courses on feminism, gender and religion. She has been involved in a number of feminist groups and co-founded London Third Wave, a networking group for London based young feminists, with Catherine Redfern in 2002. She has published widely on gender, religion and feminism. Her most recent (co-edited) book is Women and Religion in the West (Ashgate Publishing, 2008).

Catherine Redfern

Catherine Redfern

Catherine Redfern is founder of The F Word website. Now almost ten years old, the site is recognised as influential in sparking a revived interest in feminism amongst younger women and men. In 2002 the site was highly commended by the Women in Publishing’s New Venture Awards, and in 2003 Redfern was named by the Guardian as one of 50 ‘Women to Watch’. She is from Tameside, Manchester and has been living in London for about ten years. She hangs out at http://twitter.com/cathredfern

Speaking / Events

A list will be coming soon!

Digital Methods, Cultural Politics and Feminist Approaches Graduate Conference, 5th July, University of Sussex (Catherine)

Progressive Women, Are you a secret feminist? 6:30pm – 9:00pm, June 9th 2010 (Kristin and Catherine)

Young Feminism, PhD Seminar 11 May 2010, Dep. of Sociology, University of Manchester 2pm – 6pm (Kristin and Catherine)

‘Third-wave feminism in the contemporary UK: Reclaiming the F word’, Annual Research Conference, University of Derby, 24th March 2010 (Kristin)

Keynote speech, Women’s Liberation Movement @ 40, Ruskin College, Oxford, 12 March 2010 (Kristin and Catherine)

‘Ordinary Lives’ panel, at The Way We Were and Are: reflecting on 40 years of the women’s liberation movement; Free Word Centre, London, February 2010 (Catherine)

‘‘Third-wave feminism in the contemporary UK: New feminists, same old issues?’, at the Feminist & Women’s Studies Association conference Feminist Transitions, Edge Hill University, Liverpool, 19th June 2009 (Kristin)

The Fabian Society New Year’s Conference, “The next feminism: a voice for a new generation”, London, January 2009 (Catherine)

‘Teaching feminism and popular culture: thoughts on third-wave feminist pedagogy’, at the conference The Point of Feminism, University of Reading, 12th September 2008 (Kristin)

“Redfern spoke inspiringly of a range of grassroots activism, lobbying and networking by young feminists across the county. The anecdotes were incredibly heartening: of local Reclaim the Night marches, of brave individual attempts to challenge sexual stereotypes, of consciousness-raising, and above all of a genuine desire to find ways to tackle this sexual saturation. ”
Compass Conference 2006: Is this feminism’s third wave? (Catherine)

Ladyfest Brighton 2005: ‘Feminism, past present and future’ (Catherine)

Ladyfest Manchester 2003: ‘Feminism, past present and future’ (Kristin and Catherine)